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             At TrendSource Distribution, we constantly strive to provide our vendors and customers with the highest level of service possible. We are focused on managing the distribution process from the beginning of a product’s lifecycle, all of the way through placement on retail shelves.

Priority Treatment

We create special teams designed to best meet your specific needs.


Our staff has in-depth product and retail knowledge spanning across numerous categories.


Point-of-purchase and merchandising displays with customized signage.


We have teams that do store checks and provide observation reports on a monthly basis.

Product Assortment

We have the ability to merchandise and assort products maximizing sales at the retail level.

Central Location

Our warehouse is centrally located for faster delivery and less expense making for timely shipments to retail DC’s.


Price and UPC stickering capabilities for any sized/type of product.

3rd Party Distribution

We are a full service partner offering sales, press, marketing, graphic design and packaging, and all levels of service needed to attain maximum placement with retailers across the country.

24/7 Customer Service

With staff ready to assist with special orders, shipment tracking, and more.

Drop Ship Capability

We provide drop-ship-to-store and drop ship to consumer product services.


Easy Replenishment systems and programs.

Full EDI

Capabilities and state-of-the-are order processing technology.


"For both retailers and manufacturers, we can build customized distribution and/or sales & marketing programs to meet your specific needs."

Charmaine Klohe

President, Trendsource Distribution

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